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Your Local, Professional And Affordable Experts For Tile Strip And Seal Sydney

If your pretty tough floors are becoming dirty and grimy as a result of loose tiles and old sealants, or even other factors, it could be time to seal and strip the tiles. We are your local, professional and affordable experts for tile stripping and sealing in Sydney. Based on the tile floor, it can be dry or wet stripped to the tile’s original surface, with manual detailing of corners and edges where our devices cannot reach, before applying a suitable surface sealer. Vinyl, concrete, timber, terrazzo, as well as terracotta, are examples of hard floors that could be sealed and stripped. However, according to the type of floor, dry or wet stripping may be necessary. Our strip and seal Sydney team can help you out if your tiles need this action.

Our commercial-grade sealers and strippers will increase the durability of your floors as well as extend their life, reducing infiltration and discolouration. Our surface sealers give your surface an excellent gloss “layered look,” a matt finish, or a non-slip finish, depending on the sealant and application process you choose. The final appearance of your floor is entirely up to you. For years and years, we have been stripping and sealing floors for many clients. As a result, our customers and professionals both were ecstatic with the end result. We also get happy when we complete our work without any hustle and bustle.

    Why Should You Hire Us For Tile Strip And Seal In Sydney?

    We Work According To The Condition Of Your Floors

    Yes, we inspect your floors first and only then decide the course of action according to the condition of the floor.

    We Strip And Seal All Kinds of Tiles

    Our strip and seal tile floors experts make sure to strip and seal all the tiles. We will not leave any of the tiles behind. Moreover, we pay the same level of attention to all the tiles. So that our clients do not face any problems.

    Restorative Stripping And Sealing Are Also Available

    You can also hire us for restorative stripping and sealing. Moreover, when it comes to our strip and seal Vinyl floor prices, they are very affordable.

    Licensed Strip Seal Flooring Company

    Our Strip and seal Sydney team is a licensed team. Moreover, our company is certified. So, you have nothing to worry about when it comes to our credibility.

    We Have Special Offers On Stripping And Sealing For The Bathroom, Kitchen, Hall And Dining Area Tiles

    Our strip and seal Perth team takes pride in providing the best stripping and sealing floor services at reasonable costs. The years of experience we have, fulfill all your needs with hall, kitchen, lounge and dining area flooring maintenance. So, take a look to know more.

    Bathroom floor tile strip and seal

    If you need our help with bathroom tile stripping and sealing, feel free to ping us. We have all the tools and tactics to help you out with your bathroom tiles. Bathroom tiles are dirtier than any other tiles. But do not worry because we are there to help you out.

    Kitchen floor tile strip and seal

    Kitchen tiles can get very greasy. This eventually led them to need tile stripping and sealing more frequently. Now that you know about us, you can get quick, good, and affordable kitchen tile strip and seal services.

    Any floor tile throughout the house

    Our strip and seal Sydney team has the best experts who are very versatile in their job. This is because they have years of experience. Their experience has made them a perfectionist in stripping and sealing tile floors of all kinds. So, no matter what tile floor you need stripping and sealed, you can always count on us.

    Any floor tile outside the house

    Tile floors that are outside of your house are way dirtier than the ones that are inside. However, the outdoors of your property is still a part of your property and you have to take good care of that as well. So, if you ever need strip and seal service for your outside tile floor, you know who to call.

    Contact Us To Safeguard Your Tiles And Grout With Proficient Stripping And Sealing Services

    Tile sealing is very essential. If your goal is to keep your tile floors maintained in a good condition for the long run then make sure to hire us for tile stripping sealing. Apart from that, getting a regular tile and grout cleaning can take you a long way. Routine cleaning is essential to keep those dirty particles from getting accumulated deep in your grouts. Contact us if you need our help at any time to safeguard your tiles and grouts with stripping and sealing services in Sydney. Our Strip And Seal Sydney team can reach your place within an hour of your bookings.

    Tiles And Grout
    Strip And Seal Sydney

    Dedicated Stripping And Sealing Services For Vinyl And Ceramic Floors

    Strip and seal Vinyl flooring service is the process of extensively thorough cleaning, restoring, and resealing the floor after getting rid of the existing layers of smudged dirt polish and buildup. Book our strip and seal tile floors experts for a super vinyl floor strip and seal service, which can effectively restore the floor to a near freshly new situation for a relatively low cost. We’ve had a number of customers, including facility managers, small business owners, and shopfitters, who were indecisive about ripping out and replacing the flooring. Because it was in such bad shape due to neglect and improper maintenance that it appeared to be beyond repair (or so they assumed!)

    Most customers think that they should have contacted our Strip And Seal Sydney team to save their tiles and floors before this time when they see the result of our dedicated stripping and sealing services for vinyl and ceramic floors. So, if the problem you are facing is in your Ceramic floors or Vinyl Floors and they require stripping and sealing, then you can rely on us. Moreover, our tile stripping and sealing prices are affordable. Reach out to us now if you need quality services at the lowest prices.

    Four Major Tile Floor Problems That Need Stripping And Sealing

    There are so many tile floor problems whose solutions are stripping and sealing. Here are four major problems that we solve in Sydney:

    Remove the Old Sealer

    If you already have old sealants in your tiles that have lost their strength, then we remove them and seal them with new sealants.

    Slippery Effect

    Floors with weak sealants gain a slippery effect. We make sure that after our services there is no slippery effect on your tile floors.

    Loose Sealing

    If you are having troubles because of loose sealing then we can be your finest help. We can strip and seal all types of tiles.

    Protection for High Traffic Areas

    We provide tile sealing to protect the tiles that have high traffic. Tiles with high traffic have chances of damage and losing sealant strength. We apply special sealant for such tiles.

    Now No More Long Hours Waiting For Tile Stripping And Sealing Services In Sydney, Call Us

    Gone are the days when Sydney residents have to wait for long hours to get tile stripping and sealing services. Now we are in Sydney to solve this problem. Our Strip And Seal Sydney team can reach any corner of Sydney, its suburbs, metropolitan areas, hills, urban areas, commercial areas, residential areas or wherever you are in Sydney. Just make a call to our team and we can solve your problem on the same day.


    Anti-slip attributes can be found in both solvent-based and water-based sealing solutions. As a result, the best product for you will be determined by the kind of floor you do have and its location. Moreover, During the initial viewing that we will arrange for you before the service, you are free to ask for the technician’s professional analysis on this.

    The cost is determined by the size of the floor area that requires stipping or sealing. The floor restoration expert will give exact readings of the floors on site. In Sydney, the average cost to strip and seal a floor is about $180. The lowest cost you could expect to pay is about $150 while the highest cost is about $200. The average cost of stripping and sealing a floor per sq ft is $1.50.

    Buffing is best for almost all kinds of flooring because it minimises the chances of slipping and enhances the shine. But it is not required as a part of the sealing service.